myvoice Feedback Survey

At PNK, we strive to be The Best Casino Entertainment Company in the World. You play an important
role in making our casinos the best for your fellow team members and our valued guests.

Thank you for taking the myvoice Feedback Survey

December 1 – 15, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into the survey?
Team members log into the survey using their Team Member ID Number.

Why do I have to use my Team Member ID Number?
Your Team Member ID Number is a number that is unique to you and something that you already know. By using this number, we can simplify the process of getting you logged into the survey.

Is the survey confidential?
Yes, your responses are confidential. Once you complete the survey, your responses are sent directly to our third-party vendor Perceptyx. This company removes your ID number from your responses before sending Pinnacle the results.

What if I receive an error message when I login?
If you are on-call, extra board or a team member who has been with the company for less than 90 days, you are not eligible to take the online survey. Your feedback is important and we want to hear from you! Please use the online Suggestion Box linked from or visit any member of your property leadership to give us your valuable feedback. If you are eligible to take the survey, but you are receiving an error message, please reach out to your leader.

How many questions are on the survey?
The survey has 17 questions rated Strongly Agree – Strongly Disagree and Very Important – Not Important, two (2) engagement questions and four (4) open-ended questions where you can provide written comments.

What are the changes to the 2017 myvoice survey?
There are three main changes to this year’s myvoice survey. First, we have added four (4) “branches” to commonly discussed questions, this gives your leader the opportunity to better understand your concerns. You will only see the branch if you select three (3) or below (Neutral, Disagree or Strongly Disagree) on the four (4) specific questions. We have also updated the language on two (2) questions that were unclear in previous years. Lastly, we have added two (2) cultural engagement questions to enhance our understanding of your work environment with Pinnacle.

What happens with the results?
We want to hear from our team members what is going well, what can be improved and what is most important to you. The results of the survey will be used throughout the year to improve our company, maintain best practices and help us continue to be The Best Casino Entertainment Company in the World.